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MEN’S JAVELIN THROW QUALIFICATION – GROUP A Indian Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra has progressed for the Men’s final. Each player is given three attempts he didn’t waste anytime and in his very first attempt with a monstrous throw of 86.65m walks into the final medal round and didn’t have to use the couple more attempts because if a player gets at or above 83.50m mark he directly qualifies for the final medal and also has topped the charts.

Neeraj Chopra stars in his first attempt as he directly qualifies for final.

MEN’S JAVELIN THROW QUALIFICATION – GROUP B Indian Javelin thrower Shivpal Singh fails to qualify for the final medal event after a disappointing outing. Shivpal started with a throw of 76.40m and was placed 9th in rankings, in his second attempt he registered a throw of 74.80m he had slipped to 11th in the rankings and in his third and final attempt he registered a throw of 74.81m and was positioned 12th in rankings in group B. A very disappointing display.

WRESTLING MEN’S FREESTYLE 57 KG (1/8) FINAlS Indian wrestler Ravi Dahiya advances to the quarter-final after defeating Colombia’s Oscar Eduardo 13-2. Ravi started the scoring with 2 point and soon did Oscar level the scoring and in the dying moments of first half Ravi bagged a point taking the lead. In the second half Ravi with no mercy gave in some solid attacks to the colombian bagging 10 points and that was it, that was the match and wins with technical superiority. A complete overpowered performance by the Indian and he next takes on Bulgaria’s Georgy in 1/4 finals.

WRESTLING MEN’S FREESTYLE 57 KG (1/4) FINAL Indian wrestler Ravi Dahiya after defeating the Colombian was up against Bulgarian Georgy and defeats him 4-14 and wins this too with technical superiority and makes his way to the semi-final. Ravi pins down Georgy to start the scoring and had the lead 2-0, repeats the same again as he pins down and now the lead was 4-0 and bagged more points to end the first half 6-0. Second half started with Ravi bagging a couple more and immediately Georgy responded and bagged a couple and starts his scoring. Ravi bagged 6 points and Georgy with a couple more ends with 4 and Ravi with his 14 wins by technical superiority and is into the semi-final to meet Kazakhstani Nurislam Sanayev.

Ravi Dahiya was brilliant on display makes it to the finals or say the gold medal match.

MEN’S WRESTLING SEMI-FINAL 57 KG Indian wrestler Ravi after two wins by technical superiority is into the semi-finals taking on Kazakhstan’s Nurislam Sanayev. Kazakhstani started with the scoring with a point lead and Ravi bounced back with fantastic two points and had the lead to end the first period 2-1. Pressure was on Sanayev as the second period started and he did bag 8 points and the lead was 9-2, Ravi counter backs with 3 points and makes the scoreline 5-9 and gets a couple more making the lead 7-9 and it was down to the last minute where Ravi won the match as he pins down Sanayev and bags the match. So, he confirms a silver and a gold will be expected. Pure brilliance on display.

MEN’S WRESTLING FREESTYLE 87 KG (1/8) FINAL Indian wrestler Deepak Punia defeats Nigerian Ekerekeme Agiomor by technical superiority of 12-1 to make it to the quarter-final. Deepak started off bit cautious and bagged 2 points against the Nigerians defence, Agiomor bagged a point but Deepak ended the first half with a couple more points and had the lead. Deepak was reading the mind of Agiomor and was always a step ahead bagging 8 points in the 2nd half. Again another steller show on display and had the win by technical superiority showing the big margin wins. He’ll next be up against China’s Lin Zushen in 1/4 finals.

MEN’S WRESTLING FREESTYLE 87 KG (1/4) FINAL Indian wrestler Deepak Punia too advances to the semi-final after defeating China’s Lin Zushen, he started the scoring, had 3 points and Zushen too had a point in the first half and Deepak with 3-1 lead ends the first half. Second half Zushen pinned down Ravi and levelled the score 3-3. With 33 seconds left Deepak bagged 2 more points and Zushen challenges the decision but nothing worked for Zushen as Deepak won the challenge and got the two points and a point more to end the match 6-3 that gets him through to semi-finals. Not a win by technical superiority but by points and a win it is and that matters. He takes on David Taylor in the semi-final.

Deepak Punia had a impressive outing making it to the semi-finals.

MEN’S WRESTLING FREESTYLE 87 KG (1/4) FINALS Indian wrestler Deepak Punia takes on American David Taylor in the semi-final and loses 0-10. David with a real aggressive start bagged in 7 points in starting 10 seconds, Deepak tried to bounce back but David uses his move in his favour bags in a couple more points. With a point to win off technical superiority David Taylor pushes Deepak out of the ring completes the 10 points and takes the win with technical superiority. 10-0 win for David Taylor and Deepak will now compete for Bronze medal match.

BOXING WOMEN’S WELTERWEIGHT SEMI-FINAL Indian boxer Lovlina Borgohain was up against Turkey’s Busenaz Surmeneli in the semi-final and loses 0-5 but gets home a Bronze medal and is India’s third at Tokyo Olympics 2020. Busenaz was cautious to start off as she waited for Lovlina to show her moves and defended a few she then hits back with a flurry of punches to the Indian and bags the first set with 5-10’s and Lovlina was given 5-9’s. The same story unfolds in round 2 and 3 where Busenaz waits and then attacks the Indian and the Indian in reply couldn’t do much failing to grab any set. A comprehensive win for the Turkish as she proceeds for the gold medal match. An injured Lovlina who recovered from Covid and playing at Tokyo a remarkable journey good to see it end with a medal, an impressive debut.

Injured Lovlina Borgohain settles for a Bronze.

WOMEN’S WRESTLING FREESTYLE 57 KG (1/8) FINALS Indian wrestler Anshu Malik loses 2-8 to Iryna Kurachkina. An aggressive grip from Iryna and had the lead 1-0 keeps adding as she gets a point more and leads 2-0, a single takedown and 2 points this is top stuff and leads it 4-0. The 19 Y/O Indian responds as she pushes Iryna the seasoned campaigner out of the ring and Anshu again has a point, yet trailing 2-4. Anshu with the attack and Iryna turns it around and takes the lead 6-2 and a couple more points for Iryna as she extends her lead 8-2 and bags the win yet the 19 Y/O was excellent on display. With Iryna making it to the finals Anshu has a comeback chance through repechage and if she wins her repechage contest then she will play for Bronze. So, one final chance for a medal event, remains in contention does Anshu Malik.

WOMEN’S GOLF ROUND 1 Indian women’s Golfers begin their campaign today. Aditi Ashok India’s promising golfer is tied at 2nd spot with American golfer Nelly Korda. Aditi finishes at 4 under par (-4) with 67 points. Diksha Dagar finishes tied at 56th rank, 5 over par (+5) with 76 points. This was Round 1 and there are three more on schedule. Good outing surely for Aditi and Diksha will look to bounce back in the remaining 3 rounds.

Aditi Ashok (left) had a very impressive outing and Diksha Dagar will look to bounce back.

HOCKEY WOMEN’S SEMI-FINAL Indian women’s Hockey team were up against Argentina for their first ever semi-final. India had the lead early with Gurjit Kaur who through a penalty corner in the second minute of the game net the goal as India start the scoring, nothing more in the first quarter and India held the lead to finish 1-0. In the 2nd quarter, Argentine skipper Noel got the equaliser and the scoreline were levelled 1-1. In the 3rd quarter it was thier skipper again with the goal who got the 2-1 lead to Argentina and India don’t get the equaliser and were down to last 15 minutes in the 4th and final quarter to make it to the gold medal match but India don’t get the equalise in the fourth quarter and nor do Argentina disturb the scoreline as they win 2-1. India will now play the Bronze medal match against Great Britain.

That is it on India’s schedule here at the Olympics, stay tuned !

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