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HOCKEY WOMEN’S BRONZE MEDAL MATCH Indian women were up against Great Britain for their medal match and in the opening quarter both teams failed to break the deadlock, Great Britain had a couple of chances but failed to get past Savita Punia to net a goal, not a lot really from India in the first quarter as the scoreline read 0-0. Second quarter saw India with a poor start as Elena Sian Rayer gives Great Britain the lead, India miss out on a couple of opportunities but Great Britain don’t as they go 2-0 up with a brilliant goal by Sarah Robertson. India had a penalty corner, the coach shared some last minute words and India score, India break the deadlock as Gurjit Kaur scores. Salima with a fantastic run and stick work helps India get a penalty corner and it’s Gurjit Kaur again as she nets this time with sheer power, that was the equaliser for India. It was all turning quickly and India advance the lead as Vandana Katariya this time nets one giving India the lead, in the span of 6 minutes India bagged 3 goals that see India end the 1st half with the 3-2 lead. 3rd quarter, a power shoot by Great Britain but Savita again with a brilliant block denies a goal but in the second attempt again a power blow this time wide of Savita and Great Britain had their equaliser, Great Britain looked sharp and paced up in the 3rd quarter that’s given them their reward, with just 1.6 seconds left India had the penalty corner but don’t get the goal. The game was down to the final quarter, India in early moments were given a yellow card and were down to 10 players for 5 minutes, Great Britain with a penalty corner get the lead they were looking for. The yellow card was off and a green card was signalled immediately that meant India were again down to 10 players for 2 minutes this time. India with a penalty corner that was the last opportunity but denied by the Great Britain defence and did well to hold the lead and finish the match 4-3 in their favour. 11 brave Indian women warriors who battled through the game throwing their bodies on the line be it Savita with her constant blocks or the Indian defenders they were all down with tears rolling and shattered dreams as the clock stopped ticking. Heartbreak for India but the effort and commitment of these defenders, Savita Punia and the rest of the Hockey contingent are the moments that will be cherished. This Rani Rampal led side who defeated Covid, missed training sessions and were at Tokyo Olympics 2020 to complete have finished their journey competing in the Bronze medal match this will be the talk of town, the tremendous journey will be the talk of town and is no less to celebrate.

Indian women’s Hockey team finish their Tokyo Olympics competing in the Bronze medal match.

WRESTLING : WOMEN’S FREESTYLE 50 KG (1/8) FINALS Indian wrestler Seema Bisla was up against Tunisia’s Sarra Hamdi. Seema gets the 30 second timer to her name so she has to score a point in the next 30 seconds or Sarra Hamdi gets a point and Seema fails to score giving a point to Sarra, with that point lead it was the end of the first period. Second period, Sarra pushes Seema out and bags a point and extends her lead 2-0 and Seema this time with the push out and bags a point. It was down to final 60 seconds where the Tunisian did well to bag a point and extend her lead by 2 points and holds on in the dying seconds to win the bout 3-1. Seema loses and there was a chance of comeback through repechage but hopes shattered, that’s the end for Seema.

WRESTLING : MEN’S FREESTYLE 65 KG (1/8) FINALS Indian wrestler Bajrang Punia was up against Kyrgyzstan’s Ernazar Akmataliev and in a neck to neck encounter Bajrang proceeds further to 1/4 finals after defeating Ernazar by advantage. Both players with a point each, Bajrang pins down Ernazar and bags 2 points and with the 3-1 lead ends the first period. In the second period it was down to the final minute where Ernazar pushes Bajrang out to mat and bags a point, with 6 seconds remaining Ernazar again pushes out Bajrang to bag a point and levels the scores 3-3. A minute and things changed rapidly but weren’t enough for Ernazar as Bajrang with the advantage was declared winner.

WRESTLING : MEN’S FREESTYLE 65 KG (1/4) FINALS Indian wrestler Bajrang Punia was up against Iran’s Morteza Ghiasi. Bajrang with a 30 second timer and as he fails to score in the 30 second Ghiasi with the point and that was the first period. Another 30 second timer for Bajrang and this time Bajrang pins down Ghiasi to get a couple of points and wins the bout 2-1 by fall and proceeds to the semi-final.

Wrestler Bajrang Punia with two wins makes his way to the semi-final but loses and now will fight for Bronze medal.

WRESTLING : MEN’S 65 KG SEMI-FINAL Indian wrestler Bajrang Punia loses to Azerbaijan’s Haji Aliyev 5-12. 30 second timer for Haji and fails to score in the limit gifting a point to Bajrang, Haji with the comeback as he goes for Bajrang’s legs and has the 2 points, pins down and Haji has a couple more. Haji continues his dominance and kept bagging points, Bajrang got a couple but Haji was already leading with 5. The game progressed but not a lot that Bajrang had on show as he finishes 5-12. All of his 3 games today he looked a bit defensive and wasn’t looking at his best, tomorrow he’ll be competing for the Bronze medal.

MEN’S 50KM WALK Lone Indian Athelete Gurpreet Singh dropped out of Men’s 50 KM race walk event after competing for 35 KM as he was cramping due to heat and humidity. At halfway stage 25 KM mark he was positioned 49th in the rankings with time of 2:01:54.

GOLF WOMEN’S ROUND 3 Indian Golfers Aditi Ashok and Diksha Dagar both complete round 3 today. Aditi Ashok continues to be in 2nd position with her constant stellar shows, today she finishes round 3 with 3 under par (-3) and 68 points. After 3 rounds she’s ranked 2nd with 12 under par (-12) with a total of 201 points. If she continues her same run of form going into tomorrow for the final round India will have their first ever Olympic medal in golf. The other golfer, Diksha Dagar finishes round 3 with 1 over par (+1) and 72 points. After the completion of 3 rounds Diksha is tied ranked 51 with 7 over par (+7) and a total of 220 points.

Golfer Aditi Ashok is at the crust of creating history, finishes round 3 ranked 2.

WOMEN’S 20 KM WALK Indian Athlete Priyanka Goswami and Bhawna Jatt were in action today. Priyanka Goswami was going at good pace not long for a strong finish as she was positioned 8th after 11 KM, she slipped to 15th rank at the 15 KM and finished at 17th position in the rankings with time of 1:32:36. Bhawna Jatt finishes 32nd in the rankings with time of 1:37:38.

MEN’S 4×400M RELAY Indian men Amoj Jacob, Arokia Rajiv, Noah Nirmal Tom and Anas Yahiya were the four Athletes on show today. They finish the relay positioned 4th with time of 3:00:25, they miss the qualification by seconds as Belgium finish third with time of 2:59:37. India miss out on the qualification but 3:00:25 is the new Asian record by Indian 4×400M relay team.
Anas recorded time of 45.6s, Noah Nirmal Tom with 45.0s, Arokia Rajiv with time of 44.84s and Amoj Jacob records 44.68s.

That is it on India’s schedule at the Olympics for the day, stay tuned !

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