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SWIMMING HEAT MEN’S 200 M : Indian swimmer Suyash Jadhav missed his first event as he is suffering from cold and sore throat. Covid reports of the swimmer have come negative but was advised to rest today.

Indian para swimmer Suyash Jadhav missed his opening event, 200M swim.

WOMEN’S ARCHERY INDIVIDUAL, COMPOUND OPEN RANKING ROUND : Indian Archer Jyoti Baliyan was pretty consistent throughout the event as she finished the rankings round at 15th position with 671 points also is her season best score. First round, after 18 arrows Jyoti was ranked 11th out of 24 with 168 points, she lost a bit of momentum in the next 6 arrows as a result she saw a dip in rankings to 13th position with 278 points. Halfway stage, shot 36 arrows and was firm on 13th position with 333 points. Second round, she initially dropped a few positions to 16th rank with 444 points. In her final six Jyoti did well to grab 58 points and came 1 up in the rankings to finish her event. She was consistent throughout the event.

Jyoti Baliyan finished her opening event ranked 15th with a total of 671 points.

WOMEN’S TABLE TENNIS SINGLES, CLASS 4 ROUND OF 16 (KNOCKOUT) Indian paddler Bhavina Hasmukhbhai Patel scripts history as she’s India’s first para Athelete to enter Table Tennis quarters. Bhavina advanced to the quaters after defeating Joyce de Oliveira of Brazil 3-0 in three straight sets. In the first set Joyce started the set on a high as she had the lead and then Bhavina managed a comeback, she levelled the scores at 10 and then bagged the winning point to end the first set 12-10, was a thriller to start proceedings. The second set saw the same story unfold as Bhavina levelled the scores at 10 and again held her nerve to get the winning point and this time with a 13-11 margin bagged the second set. Was a day of comebacks for the Indian as the third set was no different, the Brazilian had the lead early on and Bhavina bounced back strong with a 6 point lead and finished the game with 11-6 margin to bag the match 3-0. Top show by the paddler, several comebacks to bag a win in straight sets and the ticket to quarterfinal. Later in the day was up against Serbia’s Borislava Peric-Rankovic.

Bhavani Hasmukhbhai Patel scripts history to become India’s first para Athelete to reach semi-final in table tennis.

WOMEN’S TABLE TENNIS SINGLES, CLASS 4 QUARTERFINAL : Domination and sheer domination from the para India paddler as she again in three straight sets makes her way to the Semi-final, Bhavani defeated world no 2 Borislava Peric-Rankovic 3-0 in the Quaters. Bhavani got to a very good start as she bagged the first set 11-5 in just 5 minutes of play. Never let her momentum slip as she bagged the second set 11-6 and was 2-0 up. A set win away from her semi-final berth and she didn’t waste anytime to get there as in her final set 3 she bagged the win by a 11-7 margin and defeated the world no 2 in three straight sets and in just 18 minutes of play, a medal assured.

WOMEN’S 50 KG POWERLIFTING FINAL : India’s first female powerlifter Sakina Khatun finished 5th in the event. Sakina in her first attempt successfully lifted 90 Kgs, she couldn’t lift anything above and as a result she missed out on a medal. Sakina Khatun in her second attempt failed to lift 93 KG and again opted for the same weight in her third attempt and was a successful attempt and with that successful attempt she moved up to 5th position and finished at the same.

Sakina Khatun, India’s first female powerlifter finishes 5th in the event.

MEN’S ARCHERY INDIVIDUAL, COMPOUND RANKINGS ROUND : Ace Indian compound archer Rakesh Kumar finished 3rd in rankings. Rakesh Kumar had a moving day in rankings, he started very well as he shot 59, 57 and 59 in his first there rounds. Rakesh Kumar finished his first half ranked 8th. Rakesh Kumar looked to pace up in the second half as he constantly started aiming the bull’s eye, 58, 58 and 59 were his scores to start the second half. Rakesh continued to climb higher in rankings as he grabbed 59 in third set and 60 in both set fourth and fifth and was up in rankings to 3rd position, he shot 57 in last round. A steller show by Rakesh, he gathered a personal best of 699 points out of 720.

Rakesh Kumar finished 3rd in the rankings with personal best of 699.

MEN’S ARCHERY INDIVIDUAL, COMPOUND RANKINGS ROUND : Alongside Rakesh Kumar other Archer Shyam Sundar Swami too was in action and he finished 21st in the rankings. Shyam Sundar had a decent start as she shot 55, 57 and 55 to begin proceedings. Halfway stage Shyam Sundar was way down in rankings at 26th position with 337 points. Shyam Sundar Swami too managed a mini comeback as he climbed up to 22nd position in the rankings at the end of round 4. Shyam Sundar didn’t have the best of starts and looked tad off colour, finsihed with a season best of 682 points but ranked 21st.

Shyam Sundar Swami finished 21st in rankings with season best of 682 points.

MEN’S ARCHERY INDIVIDUAL, RECURVE RANKING ROUND : Indian archer Vivek Chikara finished 10th in the rankings. Vivek didn’t have the best of starts as she shot 41, 53 and 52 in the first three rounds. End of 1st half Vivek was at 14th position. Vivek continued to accelerate and carried his momentum as he was ranked 11th at the end of four rounds. Shooting his last 10 arrows Vivek moved to 10th position and finsihed at the same. Vivek Chikara gathered a total of 609 points of the possible 720.

Vivek Chikara finished 10th in the rankings with a total of 609 points.

MEN’S ARCHERY INDIVIDUAL, RECURVE RANKING ROUND : Indian archer Harvinder Singh too was in action alongside Vivek and finsihed at 21st position in the rankings round. Harvinder Singh too didn’t have the best of starts as he shot 48, 52 and 57 in his first three rounds. At the end of first 36 arrows Harvinder Singh moved up to 13th in the ranking and had missed a arrow in the fourth set that in the end proved very costly. Harvinder Singh completely lost control as he dropped massively in the rankings from 13th to out of top 20 at the end of 5 rounds. Harvinder Singh gathered a total of 600 points to finish his outing.

Harvinder Singh finished 21st in the rankings with a total of 600 points.

MEN’S POWERLIFTING 65 KG FINAL Indian powerlifter Jaideep Deswal declared a lift of 160 Kgs in his first attempt and failed to lift. In his second attempt he stuck to the same, 160 Kgs and again was a unsuccessful lift. In his third and final attempt he declared a 167 Kgs lift and again was unable to lift. 3 attempts and all 3 unsuccessful, disappointing end to Jaideep’s journey.

3 unsuccessful attempts end Jaideep Deswal’s Tokyo Paralympics 2020 journey.

MEN’S SHOT PUT FINAL : India’s ace shot put player Tek Chand finished 8th in the event. Tek Chand was completely off colour as out of his six attempts he managed just two valid throws. Tek Chand managed a best of 9.04m today which wasn’t up to the mark and was out of the medal contention quite early. Chand was so ordinary that he couldn’t surpass his previous best of 9.57 m. Notably, Tek Chand was originally listed for Men’s Javelin but was then reclassified to shot put.

Tek Chand finished at disappointing 8th position in shot put finals.

That was it on India’s schedule for the day. Not a busy day tomorrow for India at Paralympics, stay tuned !

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