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WOMEN’S TABLE TENNIS SINGLES, CLASS 4 GOLD MEDAL MATCH : Indian paddler Bhavina Hasmukhbhai Patel loses to world number 1 China’s Zhou Ying, Bhavina has a silver to her name and this is India’s first medal in Table Tennis at Paralympics, despite the defeat there’s a lot to cheer for.

Bhavina Hasmukhbhai Patel bags India’s first medal in Paralympics table tennis event, finishes her first ever Paralympics campaign with a silver.

In the first set, Zhou Ying picked up the lead early and Bhavina did well to close the gap but the early lead surely comforted the Chinese and she then bagged the first set with a 11-7 margin. Second set, Bhavina looked under pressure after losing her opening set as she again was trailing and Zhou’s game just kept improving and the game progressed and she extended her lead making it hard for Bhavina to make a comeback and bagged the second set 11-5. Do or die game for Bhavina, Zhou had the early lead and Bhavina put up a neck to neck fight where she levelled the score till 5 points and then Zhou didn’t throw any easy as she bagged the third set 11-6, with that set win Zhou bagged the final in three straight sets winning it 3-0. Bhavina we have seen has made great comebacks but today it just wasn’t there, she was nervy right from the word go. Bhavina in her first ever Paralympics campaign finishing it in the final gold medal match is a huge feather in cap.

ARCHERY WOMEN’S INDIVIDUAL COMPOUND EVENT (1/16) : Indian archer Jyoti Balyan faces a close defeat resulting in an early exit. Jyoti was up against Ireland’s Kerrie Louise Leonard. Was a decent start from both archers in the opening set as Jyoti gathered 27 and Kerrie gathered 26 handing a point lead to the Indian. In the second set, Jyoti gathered a disappointing 25 and Kerrie shot a brilliant 29 taking a 3 point lead in the match. The Indian responded well with a perfect 30 in set 3 in reply Kerrie shot a good 29, Kerrie had a two point lead. A perfect 30 for Kerrie in reply to Jyoti’s score of 29 in set 4, lead remained with Kerrie, was back to a 3 point lead. Final set 5, Jyoti shot a disappointing 26 and Kerrie held her never as the lead wasn’t too big and replied with a 27 to bag the match with a 4 point lead. Jyoti ends with a total of 137 and Kerrie’s total of 141 saw her proceed further.

Archer Jyoti Balyan fell 4 shy and see’s an early exit, bows out in 1/16 eliminator.

ARCHERY MIXED TEAM COMPOUND EVENT (1/8) : Indian archers Jyoti Balyan and Rakesh Kumar team up for this event and were up against Thailand’s duo of Praphaporn Homjanthuek and Anon Aungaphinan. Decent start from both team as both team levelled scores at 35 to begin proceedings. In the second set Thailand managed a point lead as they gathered 37 and the Indian duo gathered 36. India shot 38 in the 3rd set to which Thailand replied with 36 reducing thier lead by a point. Wasn’t a big lead and it was down to the final set 4 where the Indian duo held their nerve and shot a brilliant 38 to which the Thailand duo replied with a poor 33 handing the match with a 6 point lead to India. Final scoreline, India finish on 147 and Thailand on 141. With the win India advance to the quarterfinal.

Indian duo bag a win in 1/8 eliminator and fell 2 shy of making it to the semi-final.

ARCHERY MIXED TEAM COMPOUND EVENT QUARTER-FINAL : Indian archers Jyoti Balyan and Rakesh Kumar face defeat in quarter-final fall 2 shy of making to the next round, they were up against Turkish duo of Oznur Cure and Bulent Korkmaz. India failed to have a good start as the Turkish duo bagged a comforting 3 point lead in the opening set with a total of 37 as India managed to put up 34. In the second set the Indian duo respond well as they posted 39 to which the Turkish duo replied with a 38 reducing their lead by a point. Both Indian and Turkish archers post 39 in set 4. The final and fourth set saw Indian pair shot 39 and the Turkish pair again respond with a 39 making no changes to the lead. The Turkish pair with a two point lead bag the match and advance with a total of 153 and Indian end of 151.

MEN’S HIGH JUMP T47 FINAL : India have their 2nd medal at Paralympics 2020 as Nishad Kumar bags a silver for India with a jump of 2.06 m. Dallas Wise and Nishad Kumar both finished on the same mark of 2.06 m, Nishad had crossed the 2.02 m mark in his first attempt while Dallas Wise took two attempts as a result Nishad won the silver, created a new asian record and also is now his personal best. India’s other high jumper Ram Pal Chahar too was in action and he finished 5th with a jump of 1.94 m.

Nishad Kumar set new asian record and rewrites his personal best as he bags a silver for India.
Ram Pal Chahar finishes 5th with a jump of 1.94 m.

MEN’S DISCUS THROW F52 FINAL : India have their third as Vinod Kumar bags a bronze for India. Vinod Kumar didn’t have a foul throw as in his six attempts he registered throws of 17.46 m, 18.32 m, 17.80 m, 19.12 m, 19.91 m and 19.81 m. The 41 Y/O in his fifth attempt register a throw of 19.91 m that saw him bag the Bronze for India.

41 Y/O Vinod Kumar bags India a bronze with a throw of 19.91 m in his 5th attempt.

What a fantastic day it turns out to be for India with close defeats to Archery to medal in the remaining scheduled events discus throw, table tennis and high jump. India’s national sports day see’s 3 medals, that also wraps up India’s schedule for the day. More stars will be in action tomorrow, stay tuned !

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