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P2 WOMEN’S 10M AIR PISTOL SH1 QUALIFICATION : Indian shooter Rubina Francis finsihed 7th in the rankings and was through to the finals. Rubina started well and at the end of first series she was 13th in rankings with 91 points, an improved 2nd series saw her finish 6th with total of 187 points. Halfway stage of the tournament Rubina moved to third in the rankings with 282 points. Rubina then dropped a bit, her average was down and fell by a rank after her 4th set. Rubina’s scores of 93 in both set 5 and 6 resulted to a dip in rankings. Rubina finished with a total of 560 points and was ranked 7th in the qualification round and found herself a place in the finals.

Para shooter Rubina Francis finished 7th in qualifiers and was through to the finals but was eliminated in round 2 ranked 7th.

P2 WOMEN’S 10M AIR PISTOL SH1 FINALS : Indian shooter Rubina Francis finished 7th in the finals with a very poor shot that she failed to recover from. Rubina in the first competition stage gathered 92.6 points from 10 shots. She shot a very poor 6.6 in round 1 that in the end proved very costly and in the next four shots or say in the 2nd round after finishing 7th in the rankings she was shown the exit gates.

MEN’S INDIVIDUAL COMPOUND 1/8 ELIMINATION : Indian Archer Rakesh Kumar defeated Marian Marecak of Slovakia and advanced for the quarter-final. Not the best off starts from Rakesh as he shot 26 in his opening set and Marian replied with a strong 28, second series Rakesh shot a 27 in response Marina too replied with a 27. Rakesh Kumar made a strong comeback from the third set, he shot a strong 28 and Marian despite the lead failed to maintain it as a poor 25 from Marian saw Rakesh with a point lead to end the third series. A perfect 30 from Rakesh put Marian under pressure but responded well with a 28 but surely wasn’t handing him the lead. The final set 5 saw both archers shoot 29, Rakesh finsihed with a total of 140 and Marian finsihed at 137, with a 3 point lead Rakesh was through to the quaters.

Rakesh Kumar defeated Slovakia’s Marian Marecak in 1/8 eliminator but fell 2 shy in quarter-final to China’s Al Xinliang.

MEN’S INDIVIDUAL COMPOUND QUARTER-FINAL : Rakesh Kumar loses to China’s Al Xinliang by 2 points and had to see the exit doors. Rakesh this time started well with a 29 in his opening set but a 30 from the Chinese saw a great start and a point lead to Al Xinliang. Second set saw a 28 from Rakesh and a 29 from Al Xinliang helped him bag a two point lead in the match. Rakesh Kumar in the 3rd set reduced his trail by 1 as he shot a 29 and Al Xinliang shot a 28. Al Xinliang again bagged the 2 point lead as he shot a 29 in set 4 to Rakesh’s 28. The final set 5 saw both archers shoot 29 and that was it with a 2 point lead Al Xinliang advanced further to semi-final, Al Xinliang finished with 145 points and Rakesh Kumar finished with 143. Rakesh Kumar, brilliant but Al Xinliang tad better handing an upset to India.

WOMEN’S SHOT PUT F34 FINAL : Indian Athelete Bhagyashri Jadhav finished 7th with a personal best of 7.00 in her final 6th attempt. Bhagyashri was the first to start the event, she started with a throw of 5.87, her next two throws were foul throws and improved her 5.87 to a 6.59 in her 4th attempt. Bhagyashri’s last two attempts recorded distance of 6.54 and 7.00, the final attempt that covered a distance of 7.00 is her personal best. It was a waiting game for Bhagyashri, wasn’t a long wait as a few athletes managed throws ahead of her 7 mark and as a result Bhagyashri kept sliding out of the medal contention and at the end found herself finishing at 7th position in the rankings.

Bhagyashri Jadhav with a personal best of 7.00 in her sixth attempt finished 7th in rankings.

WOMEN’S 100M T13, ROUND 1 HEAT 2 : India’s first women to qualify for the track event at Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, Simran Sharma clocked a season best time of 12.69 seconds and finsihed 5th in the heat. She finished 11th overall and missed a place in finals by 0.29 seconds and that was the end to a fantastic debut.

Simran Sharma finishes 5th in heat 2 and 11th overall, missed a place in finals by 0.29 seconds.

TABLE TENNIS WOMEN’S DOUBLES CLASSES 4-5 QUARTER-FINAL : Indian duo of Bhavina Patel and Sonal Patel lose to Chinese duo of Zhou Ying and Zhang Bian. It was a fantastic start from the Chinese paddlers as they bagged the first game 11-4, the same story unfolded in the second where Bhavina and Sonal bagged a few points but the Chinese duo just too good handing India a defeat again with the same 11-4 margin. High on confidence after bagging two set wins the Indian duo crumbled under pressure as they lost the third set 2-11 to the Chinese pair as a result India lost 0-3 in the doubles and hand China a 1-0 lead in the event. The event was followed with a mandatory singles game, Bhavina and Zhou meet again and the story doesn’t see any twist and turns as Bhavina loses to Zhou in three straight sets, Bhavina lost the opening set 4-11, a better performance from Bhavina in set 2 but not good enough to bag the set as she loses 7-11 and the final set 3 saw Zhou win the game and bags the singles 3-0. With a 1-0 win in the doubles game and a 1-0 win in the singles game China end the event 2-0 handing India a big upset.

Bhavina Patel (left) and Sonal Patel face a hard 0-2 defeat to Chinese duo in doubles event.

P1 MEN’S 10M AIR PISTOL SH1 QUALIFICATION : Indian shooting trio of Manish Narwal, Singhraj Adana and Deepender Singh finish 1st, 6th and 10th respectively as a result Manish Narwal and Singhraj Adana qualified for the finals. Manish Narwal gathered a total of 575 points at an average of 9.5 finishing at the top of the sheet, he had a good start with a 96 and 95 in his opening two series and with a decent 92 finsihed his 3rd, in the 2nd half he put up an improved performances as he responded with a strong 98 in set 4 and 97 in both set 5 and 6 and finished ranked 1.

Para shooter Manish Nerwal topped the sheet in quarter-final with a score of 575 points.

Singhraj Adana gathered a total of 567 and finsihed 6th in the rankings. Singhraj too had a good start with a 95 and 97 in his first couple of series. A 93 in third series was decent and needed a good next series, he did respond well to cover the 93 with a strong 95. In the last two series he again missed his momentum with a 92 and then held his nerve and shot a 97 to finish his outing. That 97 got him back in the medal contention and finsihed 6th to make it through to the finals.

Finsihed 6th in rankings with a total of 567 and was through to the finals.

Deepender Singh gathered a total of 560 points and finsihed 10th in the rankings, in his opening series he had a good start with a 96 followed by a 93 and 96 in the next two series, in the 2nd half he missed his momentum as he shot a poor 88 and improved it with a 92 and a 95 in the last series but wasn’t enough to recover from the poor 88 and had to see the exit gates.

Deepender Singh finished 10th in qualification round with a total of 560 points.

P1 MEN’S 10M AIR PISTOL SH1 FINAL : Singhraj Adana who finsihed 6th in the qualifiers put up a great show and clinched a bronze taking India’s medal count to 8. First competition round, series 1 Singhraj was placed 2nd in the rankings with 50.3 points and finsihed the 2nd series with total points of 99.6 and remained stationed at 2nd rank. Singhraj feel out of the medal contention with two shots of 9.1 and 9.6 but a very poor 8.6 from China’s Lou got Singhraj back in contention and finsihed his outing with a couple of 10’s, with a total of 216.8 points he got a bronze to his name.

Singhraj Adana finished 3rd with a total of 216.8 in the finals and bagged a bronze for India, with this India’s medal tally moves to 8.

Manish Narwal topped the sheet in the qualification round but couldn’t carry the same momentum into the finals, a nervy Manish shot a 97.2 and was 6th in the rankings in the first competition round. After the first elimination round Manish was positioned 7th and was eliminated in the second elimination round with 135.8 points to his name and finsihed at 7th position.

Topped the qualification round but failed to carry the same momentum into the finals, ended up 7th in finals ranking.

MEN’S HIGH JUMP T63 CATEGORY : Indian trio of Mariyappan Thangavelu, Sharad Kumar and Varun Singh Bhati finished 2nd, 3rd and 7th respectively. Mariyappan Thangavelu’s sliver and Sharad Kumar’s bronze takes India’s medal count to 10.

Mariyappan Thangavelu and Sharad Kumar with ease cleared their 1.69m, 1.73m and more. Mariyappan and Sharad cleared the 1.83 m mark without any failed attempt. India first saw a red flag in 1.86 m jump, 1.86m mark was the final mark for Sharad as he saw 3 red flags and settled for a bronze. Mariyappan cleared the 1.86m mark and attempted for the 1.88m mark but couldn’t clear and had to settle with a silver in the finals.

Mariyappan Thangavelu (left) and Sharad Kumar see podium finishes, a silver and a bronze in the finals extending India’s medal count to 10.

Varun Singh Bhati finsihed with a personal best of 1.77 m, Varun started proceedings by successfully jumping the 1.69 m mark. In the 1.73 m mark Varun failed in his first two attempts and had cleared in his third and when it was raised further to 1.77 m Bhati cleared it in his first attempt but failed in the 1.80 m mark.

Varun Singh Bhati finsihed 7th with a personal best of 1.77m.

That is it on India’s schedule for the day, athletics and badminton events are on India’s schedule tomorrow, stay tuned !

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