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BADMINTON, WOMEN’S SINGLES SU5, QUARTER-FINAL : Palak Kohli was up against world ranked 4th, Kaede Kameyama of Japan. Kaede with a healthy lead early on further extended giving her some comfort, Palak Kohli with several bounce back attempts to close the trail but the Japanese just too strong as she bagged the opening set with a margin of 21-11. An improved 2nd set from Palak, she gave it all it takes but wasn’t enough as she was punching above her weight, Kaede too despite being a top ranked didn’t have a cake walk, Kaede at the ends had to accelerate and bagged the second set 21-15 handing Palak Kohli a defeat in straight sets, 0-2.

Palak Kohli lost in straight sets to world ranked 4, Kaede Kameyama of Japan.

BADMINTON, MEN’S SINGLES SH6, GROUP B – MATCH 2 : Krishna Nagar bags a 2-0 win against Vitor Tavares of Brazil. Opening set, both shuttlers put up a good neck to neck fight, halfway stage of 1st set Krishna had the lead by a point and then accelerated late in the opening set to bag the set 21-17. Second set, the same story unfolds as halfway stage the scores were 11-10 after a good neck to neck fight before Krishna accelerated and bagged the set this time with a much comfortable margin of 21-14 and bags his second game 2-0, he’s on a good run.

Krishna Nagar won 2-0 against Vitor Tavares of Brazil.

BADMINTON, MEN’S SINGLES SL4, GROUP A – MATCH 3 : Suhas Yathiraj lost his third group stage match 0-2 to Lucas Mazur of France. Opening set, was a good game, close leads and trails but late acceleration from Lucas saw him bag the opening set 21-15. Suhas again put up a great fight in the second set but wasn’t enough as world ranked 1, Lucas managed to bag the set 21-17 and hand straight set loses to Suhas Yathiraj. Suhas never let the match go away and was in it completely but at the end just wasn’t enough, great show by both shuttlers.

Suhas Yathiraj in straight sets lost to Lucas Mazur of France.

BADMINTON, MEN’S SINGLES SL3, GROUP A – MATCH 3 : Tarun Dhillon lost his third group stage match to Setiawan Fredy of Indonesia, a thriller opening game that went back and forth but at the end remained Setiawan who held his nerve and bagged the set 21-19. Setiawan carried the same momentum in the second set and with a comfortable margin of 21-9 bagged the set and the match 2-0, nothing was thrown easy to Tarun as Setiawan hands the Indian an upset in straight set wins.

Tarun Dhillon in straight sets lost to Setiawan Fredy of Indonesia.

ARCHERY, MEN’S INDIVIDUAL RECURVE 1/8 ELIMINATOR : Vivek Chikara lost 3-7 to Great Britain’s David Phillips. David Phillips started with a 27 in his opening series and Vivek replied with a 25 handing the 2 point lead. 25 in 2nd series from both archers. Vivek responded with a strong 28 to David’s 25 in the 3rd series levelling the lead at 4. David Phillips shot a brilliant 29 in his 4th series and a poor 22 from Vivek handed Phillips the lead. Poor final series as Phillips shot a 23 and a very poor 17 from Vivek saw his campaign come to a close, under pressure to shoot a 23 he’ll be disappointed with a 17 as he could have levelled the match for a shoot off.

Vivek Chikara lost to Great Britain’s David Phillips and see’s early exit.


ARCHERY, MEN’S INDIVIDUAL RECURVE 1/8 ELIMINATOR : Harvinder Singh again with a win in shoot off advanced, this time defeated Germany’s Bato Tsydendorzhiev 6-5 in 1/8 eliminator. The German started well with a 28 in the opening set to which the Indian replied with a 26 handing Bato with a 2 point lead. Poor shots from both as Bato shot a 26 and Harvinder Singh replied with a 23 and was trailing by 4. Harvinder Singh bounced back well with a 29 in 3rd series to Bato’s 26, a poor 21 from the German and Harvinder Singh levelled the lead at 4 with a 23. Both archers shot 28 in the final series 5 and levelled the lead at 5. Shoot off to decide the winner, poor 7 from Bato and a 8 from Harvinder see’s his go through to the quarter-final.

ARCHERY, MEN’S INDIVIDUAL RECURVE QUARTER-FINAL : Harvinder Singh wins 6-2 against Germany’s Maik Szarszewski. Harvinder Singh starts with a 25 in the opening series and Maik replied with a poor 21 handing a two point lead. An improved 28 by Harvinder in second series and a 23 from Maik saw Harvinder with a 4-0 lead. Maik replied with an impressive 28 in his third series to Harvinder’s 25, Harvinder shot a 26 in fourth series to which Maik replied with a 23 handing him a 6 point lead, that was the match and with a 6-2 lead Harvinder Singh advanced to the semi-final.

ARCHERY, MEN’S INDIVIDUAL RECURVE SEMI-FINAL : Harvinder Singh lost 4-6 to world ranked 1 American Kevin Mather. Brilliant 28 from Kevin in the opening series and Harvinder responded with a 25. The second and the third series were tied at 24 and 25 respectively, Kevin Mather shot a 24 in the fourth series and Harvinder responded with a 25 to level the lead at 4. The final fifth series saw Kevin despite a 10 end on 26 and Harvinder with a 24 hands the lead to Kevin Mather, Harvinder next competed in the bronze medal match.

ARCHERY, MEN’S INDIVIDUAL RECURVE, BRONZE MEDAL MATCH : Harvinder Singh hit the bulls eye in shoot off to bag a bronze, hands India their 1st medal in Para Archery, medal no 13 for India. Harvinder Singh starts with a 26 in reply Korean Kim Min Su shot a 24 handing a two point lead. Kim levelled the lead at 2 with a brilliant 29 in response to Harvinder’s 27. Harvinder with a 28 in third series to which Kim responds with a 25 handing the lead. 25 from both archers in the fourth series and the final series saw Harvinder shoot a 26 and Kim held his nerve to shoot a 27 and levelled the lead at 5. The game again was decided in shoot off and it’s Harvinder’s third shoot off for the day and hits the bulls eye to bag a 10, it comes when it’s mattered the most and Kim replied with a 8 handing the bronze to Harvinder Singh. Hasn’t been a cake walk for Harvinder Singh, he’s won at shoot off’s and does it again for a medal, scripts history as this is India’s first ever medal in Para Archery.

Podium finish for Harvinder Singh after bagging several shoot off’s on his way to Bronze medal match see’s a finish again in shoot off.

WOMEN’S CLUB THROW F51, FINAL : Kashish Lakra finsihed 6th in rankings with a best attempt of 12.66m and Ekta Bhyan finsihed 8th with a best attempt of 8.33m, good from both Club throwers.

Kashish Lakra and Ekta Bhyan finsihed 6th and 8th respectively in the club throw event.

MEN’S SHOT PUT F57, FINAL : Sonam Rana finished 4th in the rankings, Sonam started his outing with a throw of 13.81, his second was a 12.92 and his next couple of throws were foul throws. Sonam in his fifth registered a throw of 13.36 and in his sixth attempt registered a throw of 13.37. His first throw remained the best and was in medal contention for long before a few athelete’s broke Paralympics record for podium finishes and slowly Sonam slipped out of medal contention and finished 4th in rankings.

Sonam Rana remained in medal contention but at the end just wasn’t enough as a few set new Paralympics record for podium finishes.

That is it, was a long day today for India that’s seen medals and the counts at 13* with two more days of games. More action tomorrow, stay tuned !

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