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Cricket Australia (CA) and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) yesterday confirmed dates of Australia’s upcoming Pakistan tour that’s scheduled for March-April, 2022; this will be Australia’s first Pakistan visit in 24 years. Below is what Australian captain, Tim Paine had to say on the tour.

Skipper, Tim Paine on SEN Hobart radio said,”there’ll be some guys who will be happy to take the experts advice and others will want to know a bit more. If we’re totally honest, there might be some people who aren’t comfortable going regardless. That’s happened before with tours going to other countries going back forever. Again there are issues that will I’m sure pop up. We’ll discuss it, people get the right answers and feel comfortable, then we’ll hopefully get the best team we can. At the end of the day, it comes down to the individual.

The security that we had on that tour was unlike anything that I’ve ever seen in my life. We had helicopters overhead, roads shut down five kilometres around us, checkpoints like every kilometre into the ground, it was extraordinary. (Previous experience)
The fact you’re seeing it and thinking to yourself it may be necessary can be a bit unnerving, but at the same time to see the planning and execution of it, with literally a couple of choppers above your bus 20-30 metres above your head was comforting but also unnerving at the same time.”

Australian white-ball specialist, Glenn Maxwell indicated his unavailability, Maxwell quoted”I think it’s great that we’ve got a tour to go back there (Pakistan). I think I saw it was 1998 the last time we went there.

Whether I’m going there or not might probably hinge on my fiancee because my wedding is supposed to be on during that time. So I’m probably not quite the right person to ask that question.”

Asked whether his fiancee might consider moving the wedding again, Maxwell said,”Not a chance. We’ve already moved it a couple of times so I think this is it.”

Check out the link below for more details and information on Australia’s tour of Pakistan.

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